Blue Idol

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Welcome to the Blue Idol Quaker Meeting


The home of Thakeham Quaker Meeting is the Blue Idol, it is here we meet for worship once a week.The Blue Idol is a very special place with a rich history which is of great interest to local historians as well as the Quaker community. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, worshipped here.Meeting for Worship is usually just called ‘meeting’, this sometimes confuses newcomers as the word ‘meeting’ refers both to the activity of worship and the group of worshippers. Meetings for Worship are open to all.
Meeting for Worship is at the centre of Quaker life. The Meeting begins as the first Quaker sits in the meeting room. As people arrive we gather in a silence that grows deeper as it progresses. Here we open ourselves to the love of God and to that of God in each of us. There is often a noticeable point when the Meeting ‘settles’. Many friends believe that this is the time when God comes among us.The meeting house is simple, there are no ornaments or religious symbols, nor do we have an appointed minister or pastor. The responsibility of the meeting belongs to all of us. Anyone may speak when he or she feels inspired to do so, this is known as vocal ministry.We meet every Sunday at 10.30 and the meeting lasts for an hour. This is usually followed by tea and biscuits and sometimes a shared lunch or business meeting. Most weeks we have visitors, often they will be Friends and attenders from other meetings.

We also have visitors who are visiting the area, from the UK and overseas, who just come to see what it’s all about. If you would like to join us for meeting please come a few minutes early and if you follow this link you will find directions to the meeting house, please click here.

In any event visitors are always welcome to the Blue Idol and the William Penn Memorial Garden and if you require further details of other times when the meeting house is open, or if you would like to attend meeting, please click here.